Hello everyone. I didn't think anyone would sign up this quick. I'm in the process of migrating the sniper setup so things aren't currently up and running yet. Please check back soon. As soon as this message is gone, we'll be up and fully operational again. Update [June 7, 2013]: We are close to getting everything back up on line and are currently in the proces of testing.

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Sniping has saved me countless hours and dollars! By avoiding bidding wars, I win for less! -Jack

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  • The easiest to use sniping site available
  • Multi-snipe (bid group) feature
  • Bid at your convenience
  • Bids automatically in the closing seconds
  • Track an unlimited number of auctions
  • Stay informed on bid and auction status
  • Trusted reliability, security and speed
  • The fastest sniping site on the web

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Win your auctions
Sniping is addictive and fun! Set and forget - once your snipe is entered you walk away. Go have fun and enjoy your personal time, before you know it, you've won!

Win on your terms
Avoid costly bidding wars! Last second bidding prevents others from getting emotionally attached and driving up the price!

Pay on your terms
You decide whether you want to pay a flat, cheap yearly fee or pay per snipe/multi-snipe!

The fact is, AuctionBurglar is the easiest eBay auction sniper software available. It's easy to use, to snipe and to understand! It's time for you to start your membership and see just how simple and satisfying eBay sniping is!

What we support

  • ebay.com
  • eBay motors (Since March 10, 2011)